Democratic Disarray

The Republicans are “on message.” The Democrats are in disarray. Today on NPR, Senator Lamar Alexander corrected the interviewer by saying repeatedly that the Senate is debating a “tax increase, not a tax cut because the Democrats would be increasing the tax rates that are already in place.”

Now, how does Senator Alexander get away with such dissimulation? Why doesn’t every Democrat reply, “Bush passed a big tax cut in his first year in office in 2000. What happened to the economy over the next 8 years? It was demolished with the second worst decline in history, second only to the Great Depression. Why do Republicans claim the tax CUT was good for the economy? Did it work? Look at what happened–Bush destroyed the US economy. It’s been in place eight years. It didn’t work. Republicans can’t claim the tax cut creates jobs. We saw what happened for 8 years of Bush.”

Democrats should repeat this over, and over, and over, and over. Repetition does not hurt the message; it helps. Simple, direct, factual, and emphatic. Make it hurt.

But, with leadership like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, the absent Tim Kaine, and the White House operating without leading, what can we expect.

It’s simple: Repeat after me. Bush pushed tax cuts in 2000. What happened during the next eight years? The economy tanked and the deficit ballooned. Bush destroyed the budget and the economy. Republican policy failed, period.

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