College Information

Here is information helpful to someone considering colleges from the list of “The Hidden Ivies.”

Process: Overview of where we are in the overall process, before winnowing down the list.

There are many good sources of information on the internet including each college’s website and the following general information sources:

  • Wikipedia Just enter the name of a college in Wikipedia’s search field on the left side of the page.
  • Princeton Review Be sure to get a free login so that you can enter the list of colleges you are interested in. Easier to go back and review the info and make comparisons. Use the “Find a college” tab in teh upper right corner to search.
  • College Prowler Provides more subjective information supplied by students. Be sure to get a free login so that you can save the list of colleges you are interested in. Generates interesting comparative tables of colleges you include in your list. Use the links in the upper right of the main page.

Additional Information about several of the colleges (the complete list is in the overview above):

PDF Princeton Review link School Link
Carleton College link Carleton
Claremont McKenna College link Claremont McKenna
Swarthmore College link Swarthmore
Reed College link Reed
Amherst College link Amherst
Brown University link Brown
Wesleyan University link Wesleyan
Williams College link Williams
Macalester College link Macalester
Kenyon College link Kenyon
Washington University link Washington Univ.
University of Chicago link Chicago
Oberlin College link Oberlin
Northwestern University link Northwestern