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Winter Cove Foundation

This is my fledgling foundation, focused on these themes:

  • making a small contribution to reducing conflicts borne of ethnic intolerance;
  • initiating original r&d in the field where active intolerance conflicts are occurring as experiments to explore workable approaches to reducing tensions between diverse ethnic and cultural communities;
  • exploring the principles that make it possible for multi-ethnic societies to function successfully;

More will appear here over time.

Israel Blog

During February of 2009 I spent 3 weeks in Israel and Jordan with the New Israel Fund to learn about Israel’s many internal challenges around social justice and religious pluralism. This blog contains photos and observations from that mental storm.

A View

A random collection of observations and experiences on a variety of topics with no single coherent theme. Just a view…


Take a look at our photos here.

Other web sites

We use other sites for our day-to-day needs to support multiple machines in multiple places, including smartphones. We keep finding more ways to shift storage and collaboration to the cloud while continuing to use rich local experiences for playing with information. These sites include Dropbox for documents, Exchange Server for email provided by Sherweb.com and OneNote on Office Live using “thin Office”.